Blue Eden Releases "Sweet Delirium" - First Single From Their Debut Record, Ecstasy

Blue Eden, have officially announced the release of the first single, “Sweet Delirium,” from their debut album, Ecstasy. Released on Astralab Records through The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment. The single and video will be streaming here on the band’s website as of June 2016.

“We each come from different corners of the planet,” says lead singer/songwriter and guitarist, JD Duvall. “We love exploring new rhythms and sounds.” Duvall hails from the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, but spent a significant part of his childhood in Brussels, Belgium. Holding down the pulsating rhythms of the band is drummer David Cornejo who grew up in Peru, while bassist Alejandro Zorilla calls Uruguay his home.  Guitarist Andy Rafiringa, who solos and swirls around JD’s shimmering guitar riffs, grew up in Paris, but is originally from Madagascar.

Lyrically, Blue Eden’s first single, “Sweet Delirium,” emanates from a tainted relationship.  The sound of the arrangement however has a different derivation. “I heard the marimba and the thumb harp and was experimenting with harmonics on the guitar. The main motif on my Fender Strat came out of the inspiration I had from hearing those sounds,” says Duvall. The “Sweet Delirium” music video and single are available now.